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20 Reviews

Mr Duncan, Duchess Avenue D10

(Cost of renovations $50,000)

I actually heard about them as a recommendation from a friend. They were the only ones that could see and understand the same vision we had. It was awesome and very smooth in general. Their initial design drawing was exactly as the end result and that was really good as they delivered what they promised. There were no major issues with the renovationsand it was smooth. I would rate them 5 as I felt they deserve it. There was nothing they could really improve on as I was thoroughly satisfied with the result.

Ms Hui Nan, Bras Basah

(Cost of renovations $56,000)

We heard about concept living and our interior designer Nick from a friend and actually decided to use his service based on the recommendation. He was very friendly and we are very happy with his work that I actually used him for other works like my restaurant and office. He was very helpful and actually provided me with the CAD rendition when I asked for it. He was able to communicate well which was a very big help and I would say that he's very good at managing clients. He had a very good EQ and was able to convince us of the designs. I would say one thing I felt might be a problem for other people is that Nick tends to push for a particular style of his design. For us it was fine as we liked his style but for other people, I feel that they might be turned off by his insistence on that particular style if they do not agree with it. His style is modern and clean so people who may be looking for other things such as a rustic style may not be a good match with him.I would like to say that Nick is a big picture guy, he really understands the end goal and really works to finish with the end in mind. He helped us by actually integrating some of his costs into the initial quote when some changes were made. Such an example is the doors we initially didn't like them and he helped us change it with no additional fees.

Mr Gerald, Kallang Heights

(Cost of renovations $50,000)

We are actually repeat customers of Concept Living over 10 years ago where we found them on the internet when we wanted to do some renovations. Nick our ID was really good and I enjoyed the after service that they provided. Their design work was unique and they acceded to our requests which really made for a good experience.

Djoko, Chancery Court

(Cost of renovations $147,000)

I was referred to Nic from someone I know. There were 3 choices at first. The others were not so friendly and don't give 3D drawing. If i want the drawing from one, I had to pay 30% up front. The other that provided a drawing, the quality was not good. But when I asked Nic for the preliminary design, he gave it to me right away with no charge. Comparing 3D drawings, his quality is better. While his rate is not the cheapest, you can be assured that he's responsible since he's running his own company. What I like is his idea to demolish the wall of the master bedroom to let more light into the living area. I also like the reconfiguration of walls in the other 2 bedrooms to make it more efficient and feel bigger. The after-sales service is good. Nic is attentive and always willing to make things work. When something goes wrong, he takes responsibility. The response is always very good, I'm happy working with him.

Upi, One Chatsworth

(Cost of renovations $270,000)

Of the 3 designers we asked for a quotation, Nic comes across as the most professional. We asked him to do some 3D drawings, and they turned out really good. It was also within our budget. The way he approaches clients makes us feel comfortable working with him. One of my favorite parts of the renovation, is that he managed to break down a wall bringing the balcony and living room together. When we walk in we see an open area. I also love the wine cellar built into the house. There were leaks and lights had blown, but Nic replies straightaway, committing to send someone down to take a look at the issues as soon as possible. I have recommended him to my friends.

Diane, Cantonment

(Cost of renovations $39,000)

I went straight to Nic after reading an article about him. He makes me comfortable and confident that he will do a good job during the first meet up. My friends who drop by the house like the clean design that worked out to be close to what we have in mind. He's responsive in addressing our concerns quickly. After renovation, he still provides after-sales service. Recently our lights spoilt, he's quite fast in arranging for contractors to fix it.

Serena, Commonwealth Dr

(Cost of renovations $35,000)

On a friend's recommendation, I went to Nic as I trust my friend. In fact, I've engaged him for a second time. He's a responsible guy. I like the carpentry and painting, it's very neat. He responds very quickly. We wanted to do something, but he advised against it with reasons that we can save cost. He thinks for our interest. We needed some touch up for our ceiling as the unit upstairs had a leak. He got his men to fix the problem with ceiling within a week. While redoing the plastering and painting, the staff also went round to the bedroom and living room to see if there's anything else that needs touching up.

Sandra, Laguna Green

(Cost of renovations $46,000)

We got quotations from 4 companies, but didn't feel convinced by them, largely because of different visions. Nic is a good listener, considering what you have to say before giving his opinion, and then it's up to you to make the decision. He never forces an idea on us. We wanted to have our home done up in a very basic manner, with clean simple lines. He achieves what he set out to do. The service is prompt. We've worked together on three separate projects over 4-5 years, and I keep going to him. He gives a realistic time frame, and when I'm looking for the best way to do something, he's able to advice how to achieve that goal.

Shirly, Jalan Ampas

(Cost of renovations $56,000)

I was recommended by a friend, so I went straight to Nic. I like the overall idea about the house. He attempts to understand our lifestyle and then design accordingly. For people who're not designers, we know what we like but not how to formulate that into the home. We pay for peace of mind. Nic is attentive and accommodating, that's important to us. Along the way if we're not comfortable with the design, he will explain how it fits into the whole concept and ensures we're on the same wavelength. We found scratches on the vanity counter of the bathroom, and Nic immediately sent help, the polishing was done with a turnaround of a day or two. I've recommended him to a few relatives.

Karina, Bullion pk

(Cost of renovations $110,000)

I got to know Concept Living as a recommendation. Having a sense of the pricing and what I want, sometimes getting things cheaper may not always give what you want. Based on past experience, I know what I want. I want a modern feel, suitable for my lifestyle, with hidden storage. NIc helped me achieve this. He's responsive, and got things done within a reasonable time frame. After staying in for some time, things are subject to wear and tear. Response time for fixing them have been reasonable.

Jo, Scotts High Park

(Cost of renovations $40,000)

I got to know this company from a colleague's recommendation, as he's got good taste. Working with Nic is worry-free. Any defects were remedied within a day, they will send someone down. We went back to Nic for our second renovation, as we can't be sure we can get someone who delivers on time, within budget and is easy to talk to. He gives advice but is not pushy, communication is comfortable with him, that's why i've recommended him to no less than 8 friends.

Jenny, Di Mira

(Cost of renovations $75,000)

We engaged this company from a friend's recommendation, after asking around. I like the overall feel, Nic helped us achieve a modern look. Our relatives point out that it's got a comfortable feel. I'm quite satisfied with the service, once we call we get a response. We have no problems so far.

Phill, East Point Green

(Cost of renovations $29,000)

I got to know about Concept Living through a friend's referral. They did a pretty good mock up for the bathroom and kitchen and I was satisfied with the quality of their work. I really like bathroom as it was done in a hotel style and I feel like I'm in a nice place everyday. I also really like my kitchen. The kitchen was a difficult one for Nic as it was not very. But Nic really maximised the space. I had wine coolers and dishwashers in there and he still managed to put it all together in one tight space without making it look or feel cramp. I am very satisfied with both of them. Nic gives really good service. He has got this very relaxed demeanour but when he says something is going to happen, he makes it happen. I had couple of things that needed fixing up and Nic helped organise everything for me to get those done.

Aaron, Olina Lodge

(Cost of renovations $85,000)

Concept Living was a recommendation from friend and I ended up engaging them due to the testimony from my friend the design they came out with was what we wanted and also within our budget. I really like my kitchen tiles and cabinet. I felt very comfortable with Nic and he was responsive to my feedbacks throughout the entire process. While naturally there were some hiccups along the way, Nic dealt with all of them efficiently. I did require some minor after-sales service and Nic got back really quickly.

Yani, 38 Dover Rise

(Cost of renovations $80,000)

I got to know about Concept Living as a friend had his house done by them. I shortlisted 3-4 designers but decided on them as Nic was always really prompt in his response. I really like the designs he came out with and found him to be a really nice and patient person. Overall, I am really really happy with my home. Nic's service is really good and I would recommend him to my friends. I required some minor after-sales service as some of my bathroom tiles were wrongly placed but Nic replaced them for me really quickly.

Duncan, Casabella

(Cost of renovations $50,000)

A friend recommended Concept Living to me and despite shortlisting many different interior designers, I decided to engaged them as they were the only one who understood what I really wanted to do. Nic provided me with a modern concept which I really like and my home turned out exactly like what he promised. And I love it. Nic is great. He managed everything for us and did it well. He kept to the schedule and the budget that was promised and delivered what he said he could. Everything was done up really well and I have had no need for any after-sales service yet. I am really happy with what Nic's work and have even recommended him to my friends.

Jackson, 50 Siang Kuang Avenue

(Cost of renovations $749,000)

I found out about Concept Living as our neighbor engaged them as their designer. I decided to engage them as well as I felt that they were value for money in terms of pricing. I also felt that they really knew what they were doing as they were always able to give us immediate answers or good advice whenever we had questions or require their feedback. I like my house's color scheme and I think it goes very well with the modern theme Nic designed for me. Nic didn't manage to finish my house within the specified deadline due to some hiccups at the end but he continued to update us consistently and would respond promptly to whatever requests or changes we had.

Mr Arjun, Leonie Garden

(Cost of renovations $238,000)

Concept Living was referred to me by a friend. I talked to 2 other designers but found Concept Living to be much more professional. I think Nic has done a great job across, but my bathroom and kitchen was really done fantastically. Nic is very efficient and provides very high quality of work. He is also very proactive. We did require some after-sales service and he is always quick to get people to help rectify them.

Tamil, Draycott

(Cost of renovations $180,000)

I have engaged Concept Living a few times now and I have always been pleased with the end results. Nic provides great service and I have been engaging him and his services for the past 5-6 years. He also gives good and prompt after-sales service.

Mr Gan, Hougang Avenue 5

(Cost of renovations $58,000)

I found out about Concept Living through a friend's recommendation. I really like their designs and I have been using them every time I shift to a new house. Their service is very good and I am always happy with their designs for my homes. I have required minor after-sales service here and there and Nic has always responded to all of them promptly